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Electronic whiteboards, that have come to be known by Panasonic in particular as Panaboards resemble conventional chalkboards or whiteboards that are generally used by teachers to present information to their learners or in meetings and conferences to discuss facts and figures as well as ideas. However, the latest Panasonic whiteboard is far more complex and has capabilities one could never imagine. Not only do these Panasonic whiteboards display information that is written on them, they also have the capability to save all that is written or drawn on them for further usage and sharing and the information can also be printed.

The ranges of market leading Panaboards or whiteboards that are being offered by Panasonic consist of features that would fulfill all of your requirements. They come in thermal paper models as well as plain paper ones, along with networkable and interactive models. There are several variations in Panasonic whiteboards and you must pick the one that meets your requirements.


Electronic whiteboards have most definitely become a major requirement not just for classrooms, but for meeting rooms, conference halls and boardrooms as well. The Panasonic electronic whiteboard is the most desired product in this regard, as it allows everyone to participate in a discussion without having to worry about taking notes. Not only can this product be used to make notes, but it also comes with an eraser to make any desired changes. Optional PC interface software can easily be added and data available on the whiteboard can be printed through a printer. The continuous 4-screen capability offered by plain paper Panaboards make them a high-economy electronic whiteboard that comes with numerous features.

The electronic whiteboard offered by Panasonic offers two chief functions, both of which expand the communication that takes place within an organization. These are:

• Make notes and save every bit of information written on it during class, a meeting or a seminar
• Develop the scope of conferences and presentations with its PC linking capabilities
Panasonic Electronic Whiteboard - Without PC

This simple electronic whiteboard is used to simply scan and print the informational written on its surface after a meeting or seminar. This helps participants pay undivided attention to the discussion and not worry about taking notes. The printout can easily be taken and distributed to everyone, even those who could not attend the class or conference for some reasons. This further prevents individuals from making mistakes in their notes.

Panasonic Interactive Whiteboard - With PC

While using Panasonic's Interactive Whiteboard, PC screen images can easily be transferred onto the Panaboard's screen to be efficiently used in meetings and presentations.

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Panasonic Electronic Whiteboard

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Panasonic Electronic Whiteboard

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This article was published on 2010/06/16